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Iceland President Dines at the Homophobic Restaurant “Expedition” in Moscow

Infamously known Russian based travel goods retailer and restaurateur company Expedition (Ruyan holding) hosted the President of Iceland Olafurom Ragnar Grimssonom on October 20, 2012 according to their corporate press-release THE PRESIDENT OF ICELAND IN THE RESTAURANT “EXPEDITION. NORTHERN CUISINE» (scroll down the page to October 20, 2012 section, archived link: …


Added by Spectrum Human Rights on November 13, 2012 at 7:49 — No Comments School of Hatred and Bigotry Turns Anti-American / Anti-UK

On November 9, 2012 GayStarNews journalist, Matthew Jenkins, wrote and excellent follow-up article to his original report about homophobic online travel goods retailer Expedition (Ruyan holding):

Gays can’t be ‘heroes and wizards’ says fan page…


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Gays can NOT be “heroes and wizards”! Disabled, Women and Elderly can NOT be Entrepreneurs!

At least this is what US branched online travel goods retailer “Expedition” (Ruyan Holding, Russia) says.

On November 8, 2012 on their official Facebook page, in response to Spectrum Human Rights alliance (

questions regarding sexual discrimination policies, “Expedition” responded (in Russian):

“We are looking for real heroes and wizards. However, such roles…


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Beethoven would’ve Never be Accepted in Their “Academy”

Discrimination of people based on age, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation and many other factors remains widespread in Russia and former USSR. Amazingly, in most cases, it’s even entirely legal based on their current laws. However it is even more disturbing that in many cases such discrimination is morally acceptable by the society. Astonishingly enough, Russian bigots do not even bother to cover their feelings of contempt. Rather they proudly carry bigotry as a banner and…


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I sent this out this afternoon to my personal e-mail list and I received the following response from Peter who lives in Australia.

This is fairly long but a great salute to New Yorkers and what needs to done and what has been done.

Look for "Letters from ground zero IV"


I will send Peter any comments you would like to make to…


Added by martin d. goodkin on November 6, 2012 at 2:46 — No Comments

USA: Adam Lambert Stands Up & Sings Out for Marriage Equality in Maryland.

Adam Lambert returned to Washington DC's renowned 9:30 Club on September 25th, 2012 for a benefit show for "Marylanders for Marriage Equality", an organization devoted to getting the vote out in support of Question 6, the referendum…


Added by Mark Palmer on September 26, 2012 at 16:45 — No Comments

USA: High Priestess of Glitz Issues Abject Apology

Paris Hilton, the high priestess of glitz and reality TV shows and famous for being famous, has had to issue a grovelling apology to gay men everyhere.

Following remarks that "gay men on Grindr are disgusting" and "probably have AIDS", Hilton had to issue the following statement to GLAAD:

As anyone close…


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USA: HIV Drug Pioneer Dies Aged 93

Dr. Jerome P. Horwitz, the medical researcher who synthesized AZT—the first effective drug treatment against HIV/AIDS earlier this month after suffering from pneumonia and a heart attack. He was  93.

Horwitz synthesized the drug back in the 1960s while working in the medical labs at Wayne State University as a…


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USA: Michael Stipe Not a Fan Of Fox News!

Michael Stipe (former front man for monster record selling band R.E.M) has come to blows with Fox News for "unauthorised and unlicensed" use of their song "Losing My Religion".

Fox were using the song during their coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night.…


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USA: The GOP Comes Up Trumps Again!

Under the premise that incumbent President Obama is "forcing" gay marriage upon America, the Campaign for American Values PAC has produced this 31 second ad aimed squarely at the right-wing, homophobic happy-clappy Christian voter.

It's so bad it's funny - I fell about laughing!!

Out of the 333,000 hits…


Added by Mark Palmer on September 7, 2012 at 16:48 — 2 Comments

USA: 9 Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested at Southern Decadence

Nine pastors were arrested this week during New Orleans’ Southern Decadence festival for holding an anti-gay demonstration during the event. Hurricane Isaac not only did NOT pour God’s wrath upon the assembled multitudes in the city’s French Quarter, but the sun shone brilliantly on the revelers all weekend…


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USA: Travel Giant Backs Gay Marriage in Washington State.

Travel site on Tuesday announced it would back Referendum 74, the Washington state ballot measure which if approved would uphold a gay marriage law enacted by lawmakers.



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USA: GOP Congressman Schock Denies the "GAY" Rumour Yet Again!

GOP Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois, the subject of persistent rumours about his sexuality since he took office in 2009, said on Thursday that questions about his sexual orientation and how it might relate to his anti-gay voting record and positions are “inappropriate and ridiculous” and not…


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USA: California Bans 'Gay Conversion' Therapy (but only for minors)

California's state legislature on Thursday passed the nation's first law banning professional psychological therapy aimed at turning gay and lesbian youth straight.

The legislation would apply only to licensed psychologists and professional therapists, not to counseling offered by religious or community…


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USA: San Fran Hosts First Conference for Gay Gamers!

Gay nerds of the world unite!

Gaymercon is proposed to kick off in the queer hub of the universe San Francisco on the 3rd & 4th August 2013. Organisers hope to provide an environment where fleet commanders, elfin adventurers and apocalyptic anti-heroes…


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USA: Pundit says gays have ‘no business’ being Republican!

A homophobic pundit has said gay people have ‘no business’ being Republican, saying they undermine the ‘pure morals’ of the GOP.

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer (pictured), who supports the criminalization of homosexuality in the US, said gay right-wingers ‘undermine and subvert’…


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USA: Straight Guys Stand Up for Gay Marriage!

Chick-Fila-A's have managed to corner the market recently by providing gay rights activists good reason to protest outside their establishments on a regular basis.

Skyler Stone, stand-up comedian/actor (pictured) and Mike Smith are just two normal straight guys willing to put their mouths where their mouths are…


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USA: Adam Faust Passes Away at Age 38

Porn actor Adam Faust, who frequently appeared in Hot House Entertainment releases, died Thursday night in New York City aged just 38.

No information is available yet on the cause of death.…


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It's Freaky Friday (Again!) No.5 - Brigham Young's Drag Queen Son.

Brigham Morris Young (pictured c. 1901) was the 35th son sired by the Mormon founder Brigham Young.

Junior was fond of dragging up and presenting him/herself as "Madame Pattirini", an Italian operatic diva. He performed at many Mormon venues around north and central Utah from 1885 to the early 1900's.



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USA: KFC Loves Gays (with John Goodman)

A great way to end the week with this hilarious send-up of Chick-a-fi-A!!

John Goodman channeled his inner Southerner in this Funny or Die sketch featuring the actor portraying KFC founder Colonel Sanders, who loves the gays.

Why, in the 140 years he's been on this planet, the Colonel has never hurt a gay — in fact he may even be gay, he says! He…


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